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Training and Educational Services
A popular and effective speaker, as well as a credentialed expert lecturer, Bob Snyder is a tireless educator in the field of games, gaming, and the law. Mr. Snyder is available to speak on specific issues of interest to audiences of government officials, industry members, or academics.

Definitions and concepts of skill and chance, consideration and reward, betting and wagering... These and a host of other game and gaming-related legal issues frequently prove baffling -- even to some experts! As new technologies and new promotions are invented, how do existing laws apply? What new regulation should be considered? To find out, make the call.

More to the point -- if judges, district attorneys, and law enforcement officers don't always understand the subject, how can manufacturers and distributors? How can casinos, theme parks and arcades possibly hope to achieve, and remain in, compliance? To learn the answers, give Bob Snyder & Associates a call.

Bob Snyder is able to clear up the confusion that frequently surrounds these difficult subjects. Whether addressing a group of government agents, or a collection of carnival operators, Mr. Snyder knows how to explain complex topics simply and succinctly. And, he is able to provide his listeners with the basic legal background knowledge they need, in order to go forward with confidence -- whether their jobs are to create new amusement devices, or to defend the public interest in fair, legal entertainment.

Training topics provided by Bob Snyder include:

Gambling and video gaming (in person and via videotape); sidewalk fraud (lecture and demonstration); midway games and gambling; vice police training; fraudulent midway schemes; dice and electronic devices; skill merchandisers and applicable laws; gambling recognition issues and yardsticks; federal, state, and local laws as applied to amusement devices; many more.

BS&A audiences include the following:

National Governments & Law Enforcement: The FBI National Academy (multiple presentations plus providing multi-hour videotape lecture series)... Crown Prosecutors and staff of Canadian regulatory agencies (Alberta, Canada)...North American Gambling Regulatory Association (New Jersey)...National Association of Bunco Investigators...the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials.

State Governments: The Department of Justice, State of California...the Attorney General of the State of California (Organized Crime and Criminal Intelligence Training Conference)...Attorney General of the State of Arizona... Western States Investigator's Academy at San Jose University, San Jose, CA... Western States Vice Conferences in major U.S. cities... Department of Agriculture of the State of Ohio... district attorneys, investigators, and police associations (convention at Colorado Springs, CO).

Municipal Governments: The New York City Police Department, NY, NY... the District Attorney's Training Council (Oklahoma City, OK)... Dallas Police Department (Dallas, TX)...Los Angeles Police Department (L.A., CA)...LAPD Vice Unit (L.A., CA).

Academic & Research Institutions: The Criminal Justice Training Center, University of Southern Louisiana, New Orleans, LA... the Institutes on Organized Crimes (Miami, FL)... National Conferences on Gambling and Risk Taking...Chapman College (Orange, CA)...The Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training.

Trade Associations & Forums: The Amusement and Music Operators Association; the AMOA Council of Affiliated States; the California Coin Machine Association; the International Association of Family Entertainment Centers; the Amusement Showcase International; Fun Expo; others.

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