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Bob Snyder
A Lifetime's Study of Games and Gaming
Bob Snyder formerly supervised sensitive investigations into hundreds of alleged gambling practices violations as lead expert for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, L.A., California, during his nearly 22 years on the force. Mr. Snyder moved on and created the firm of Bob Snyder & Associates in the mid-1980s to provide consulting, legal, and forensic services to government and industry. He earned his law degree and passed the bar exam in the State of California.

Mr. Snyder's guidance was instrumental in opening the doors to state law enforcement acceptance of skill-based amusement devices in many cities and states, thus helping create profitable new markets while establishing guidelines for integrity of play. His expert testimony was crucial to successful verdicts for game owners, operators, and manufacturers in scores of court cases in Canada and across the United States.

In 1990 Mr. Snyder established the National Games Laboratory as a division of BS&A to provide game and gaming manufacturers and government officials with precise forensic documentation pertaining to issues of skill and chance in the manufacture and operation of amusement and gaming devices. Under Mr. Snyder's direction, the NGL has assisted countless clients across the USA, proving a unique resource for credible and precise scientific data as well as authoritative legal classification and certification.

As an adjunct professor at Western State University College of Law, Mr. Snyder lectures and instructs on gambling-related legal issues and cases. Past and present memberships include the National Forensic (for Distinguished Experts), the American College of Forensic Examiners (holding the status of Fellow as a certified examiner of electronic game and gambling machines and related devices). The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials and the Amusement and Music Operators Association. As an active attorney Mr. Snyder also belongs to the American Bar Associations, the California Bar, and a local county bar association.

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