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An expert tests a video amusement machine for the statistical performance patterns and issues that may indicate its legal acceptability in a key jurisdiction.

-- Does the machine's function include a random number generator or the equivalent?

-- Does the game afford the opportunity for player skill to influence the outcome? Can players improve their skill with repeated plays over time?

-- What modifications could the manufacturer make to bring the game into compliance with gaming and gambling laws?

Problems and solutions such as these are the province of the National Games Laboratory, a division of Bob Snyder & Associates. The NGL performs forensic analyses of gambling, amusement, and gaming devices. Exacting tests are performed; precise measurements are made; and rigorous documentation is provided to assess product characteristics and performance.

Services provided by the National Games Laboratory include analysis of game apparatus and methods; determination of Class II and Class III status under the U.S. Indian Gaming Regulatory Act; NGL qualification and certification. The experts at NGL are conscientious professionals who constantly keep in mind the paramount issues of game integrity and fairness to the player.

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