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BS&A President Bob Snyder has published dozens of articles, training documents, essays, and columns explaining the history of federal and state gambling laws, their evolving nature, and how current statutes apply to today's amusement and gaming industries. His readership spans the full spectrum from national regulators to state lawmakers and enforcement officials. He also writes regularly for international industry leaders and students of the law.

Clearly and succinctly, Mr. Snyder's writing explains relevant terms and concepts. His articles also provide down-to-earth advice on compliance and regulation. "The games and gaming industries are more than just fun and games," Mr. Snyder states. "The potential to earn enormous profit carries with it an enormous responsibility. Manufacturers, location owners, and government officials alike share the burden of protecting the public trust through full and wise compliance with all relevant statutes, laws and ordinances."

Publications that have featured Bob Snyder's articles include:

Gambling Times -- Prosecutor's Brief -- Journal of Gambling Behavior -- RePlay Magazine -- PlayMeter Magazine -- Vending Times -- Tourist Attractions & Parks -- and others.

Just a few of the many topics addressed in print by Bob Snyder:

Amusement crane history, legal issues, and operational guidelines -- carnival game frauds and swindles -- applicable laws for the merchandiser and redemption machine market -- crane evaluation for purchase -- casino gaming products and operations, and applicable laws -- how game operators can defend against unfair practices lawsuits – and many more.

Mr. Snyder is available to author tailor-made articles for publication in government, educational, and trade print periodicals, news media and online media.

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