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Bob Snyder
Consulting Services
A manufacturer asks:

"Is my product design legally acceptable as a game of skill in certain states? If not, how can it be modified?"

A regulator asks:

"Does a particular prize and tournament format, when used with a particular communications technology, comply with applicable regulations in my jurisdiction?"

A casino or amusement park director asks:

"How can I evaluate prospective equipment purchases and game operations, to make the best decision with regard to statutory requirements and laws and be profitable?"

These are just some of the thousands of questions that Bob Snyder & Associates helps answer for its varied range of clients. BS&A provides expert assistance in regulatory issues of skill and chance, gaming, and amusement -- both as government experts, and as consultants to the amusement, entertainment, and gaming industries. Mr. Snyder also directs and participates in studies and investigations relating to research, game compliance with alcohol beverage control, and gaming regulations.

Areas of Expertise include:

Coin/currency-operated redemption, merchandising, and video display games;

Slot machines, paper tabs, and video gambling devices;

Satellite broadcast, online networking, and on-site linked games and servers;

Tournaments and prize promotions;

Casino, theme park, and amusement center operations, compliance, and select cheating issues.

Consultation Services include:

Game and tournament design & concept input during design, research and development phase for the above categories of equipment;

Operational analysis & suggested modifications to gain legal acceptance of above equipment and promotions in operational mode;

Expert analysis & documented studies regarding questions of skill and chance, tournament and prize regulation issues, with respect to the above categories of equipment, media, and destination locations.

Extensive expert testimony and demonstrations in gaming, gambling, cards, dice, banking and percentage games, wagering, slot machines, amusement and midway games, and cheating cases;

Above testimony and demonstrations provided before local, state, and circuit courts, in U.S. federal courts, and before special licensing and appeals boards; also provided before the Provincial Court and Her Majesty’s Bench in Canada.

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