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Clients & Endorsements
Here's what satisfied clients have to say about Bob Snyder & Associates:

"The very top in their field...exceptional credentials and national reputation with government and law enforcement officials." -- George Voight, President, George Voight & Associates, consultant to independent cities

"Bob Snyder was more than instrumental in the success of Wedges/Ledges...his honest views, moral convictions and knowledge are unsurpassed." -- Stephen P. Shoemaker, President, Wedges/Ledges of California

"Your company's services were the key in having our games approved. In developing new games, we are hiring you first." -- Bruce Whisenhunt, Owner, San Francisco Amusement Distributors

"His Technical knowledge and expertise in the field of gaming is undisputed and unquestioned." -- Emily Elliott, Executive Director, Administration of Justice Bureau, San Jose State University

"Bob's an expert...always ready to help and a pleasure to do business with." -- W. W. McCall, Chief Inspector, Alberta Gaming Control

"From their analysis, we can plan our future development and be assured that we are on target." -- Don Miears, Vice President, Cedar Point -- The Amazement Park, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

"Bob Snyder understands what it takes to run a gaming operation and can adapt the games to work profitably...The experience he carries cannot be measured." -- Sid Dole, General Manager, Ace Novelty Co., Inc.

Partial Client List

BS&A's list of manufacturer, operations, and site ownership clients remains confidential. Clients for legal services are not revealed.

However, the list of BS&A training and educational clients includes the following:

-- National Governments & Law Enforcement

-- State Governments

-- Municipal Governments

-- Academic & Research Institutions

-- Trade Associations & Forums

-- U.S. & International Coin-operated Game Manufacturers

-- U.S. & International Game Distributors & Operators

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