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Forensic analysis, consultation, and professional guidance regarding game machines, issues of skill and chance, sweepstakes, prize promotions, tournaments, gaming, gambling, and amusement devices
Bob Snyder
Bob Snyder and Associates, Inc. is one of America's most respected legal authorities on games and gaming. BS&A provides government and industry with:
Expert product evaluation & recommended modifications
Manufacturing design input & concepts
Forensic game analysis for legal issues through the National Games Laboratory
Expert opinions & testimony for court cases & committee hearings
Training & education through seminars, lectures & publications

President Bob Snyder provides consulting services to a variety of game industries. He has repeatedly provided consulting and training for the US and Canadian governments, at the federal, state, provincial, county and municipal levels and in the private sector for a global range of manufacturers and distributors of amusement and gaming devices, as well as casinos, theme parks and amusement centers internationally.

Mr. Snyder serves as director of the National Games Laboratory. He is a California attorney and adjunct professor who teaches gaming law at Western State University College of Law. For the majority of his former 22 year career with a major Los Angeles County law enforcement agency, Mr. Snyder served as the expert on games and gaming, supervising gaming-related inquiries and investigations.

Bob Snyder & Associates, Inc., in concert with the National Games Laboratory, stands ready to assist you with design and analysis, documented studies, and expert legal guidance on the full range of games and gaming issues.

To maximize product & services approval and legal acceptance...

To enhance legal integrity and proper operation...

To strengthen instant credibility with lawmakers, regulators, and industry experts alike...

Depend on Bob Snyder & Associates, Inc.:
The game & gaming experts that other experts trust.

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